• Friendship with other International and Hungarian member women

  • Supportive community when arriving in Hungary

  • Fun at our General Meetings: Country Days, Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Guest speakers, Gastronomy


1. Being part of the only registered and biggest International Club of Budapest. 

2. Exclusive monthly meetings with full program, theme and entertainments, unlimited drinks and finger food with 5* service at Budapest Marriott Hotel. - free for members. 

3. Special club events and workshops, only for member. 

4. Partners events with a special price – for members only. 

5. Exclusive and valuable raffle prizes during each meeting from partners and sponsors. 

6. Full list of partners discounts through the whole year - only for IWC members. 

7. Festive Christmas holiday program 

8. Women’s Day Lunch with exclusive entertainment program and complementary gifts for IWC members 

9. Possibilities for advertising your business for free in the Club’s Weekly online newsletters 

10. Being involved in the supporting the club charity projects and be a huge part of it. 

11. Secure access to the club members’ directory database.

12. Activity around the clock whole year a member can sign up with a very special fee – For IWC Members exclusively 


  • Fill out our membership form by clicking  Join Us

  • Pay by bank transfer by clicking  Bank Infornation                     or at our General Meetings

  • For Hungarian-only citizens, please go and contact with our Membership Chair at membershipchairiwc@gmail.com  before filling your form/ paying your dues

Downloadable membership form:

Membership Fees:

IWC Welcomes all International Women.  IWC’s Annual Membership fee is 30,000HUF from September to May of each year. Half yearly fee of 18,000HUF per person applies at January Meetings for the period of January to May.

Payment can be made to the Membership Chair and Treasurer at any of the General Meetings or you can wire transfer the money via the instructions here on the website. PLEASE FILL OUT THE WEBSITE MEMBER APPLICATION ONLINE or fill out the application at one of the General Meetings. Guest are always welcomed and invited to attend the General Meetings for a guest fee of 4,000 HUF.

Guest Fees: 

Not sure if you want to join right away? You can come as a guest to our next Monthly General Meeting

(the fee for this is 4.000 HUF)

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IWC Budapest TAX number:  18171020-1-42