Public transportation in Budapest


When you arrive to Budapest you will have no problem getting around as Budapest has one of the most efficient transportation system in Europe, with over 200 bus routes, 30 tram routes, four Metro lines, 15 trolley buses and four HÉV suburban train lines.General service hours are 4:30 AM to 11 PM. Outside of these hours, main routes are serviced by night buses that cover 37 routes. 

Tickets or passes must be bought before boarding; you cannot buy them from the driver (except on the night bus network). They are available at Metro stations, tobacconists and newsagents, and from vending machines at many bus and tram stops in the city centre.

Please go to BKV (The public transportation site of Budapest) to find bus, tram, trolley and metro routes and schedules, as well as current ticket pricing. 



National and International trains


Trains connect Budapest with almost all countries in central and eastern Europe, including Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Venice, Belgrade and Kieve.  It also connects you to many national tourist hot spots, including Lake Balaton and Eger.

Please visit MÁV START for national and international train routes, schedules and ticket pricing.





There are plenty of honest taxi drivers in Budapest but a few too many dishonest ones.  To avoid paying hefty taxi fees, it is best to call your taxi.  Below are a list of legitimate taxi companies who have English speaking dispatchers.



                                                                06 1 211 11 11 



                                                                06 1 222 22 22



                                                                06 1 888 88 88

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IWC Budapest TAX number:  18171020-1-42