Donations & 2019 1% Tax Rule


The Association gladly accepts charitable donations and support from any business.It is the Board’s policy, however, to accept no aid that may lead to any political or financial commitment. The Association does not endorse any business, offer free advertising or endorse any charity projects not approved by the Board.


Being a charitable and social organization IWC is a “public benefit” association in compliance with the Hungarian Law (2011. CLXXV Act). If you would like to support IWC charity please send your donation to:


· Nemzetközi Jótékonysági Hölgy klub Egyesület, MKB a/c no: 10300002-10559574-49020016.

· or you can contact IWC treasurer who can issue a Donation Certificate if required.


2017 1% tax rule 


For more information, please e-mail the IWC Treasurer at

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