Giovanna Mandato-Leahy


Snezana Jerinkic 

I am from Serbia. I hold a statistical engineering degree from the University of Belgrade and eleven years ago I started this amazing journey with my family. It has led us from tropical Kuala Lumpur through sandy Amman and brought us here to the royal city of Budapest. In Amman I was an active member of IWAA (International Women’s Association of Amman) taking part in organizing city walking tours, film and bridge sessions. Awareness of the importance of having organizations like the IWC motivated me to join the Board. I feel privileged to work alongside these exceptional ladies. I like practicing yoga, playing bridge, films, books, art and many other things. My life motto is that learning is a constant process and there is always space to improve ourselves


Grisell Gelényi De León


I was born in Mexico City and live there until I turned 25, when the world opened up to me.

My greatest pride are my two grown daughters who live abroad. One is a diplomat in Japan, the other works for the British government in London.

I have a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Social Anthropology, a Master’s degree (MA) in Cultural Anthropology, and a Ph.D. in Ethno-history. Anthropology has led me to all different kinds of areas, and to better understand cultural behaviours I have learned and studied about alternative healing therapies for the past 10 years.            

I was a guest lecturer and professor for 16 years at the ELTE University where I taught seminars of “Myth, Ritual and Symbolism”, “Disease as a cultural issue” as well as Gender Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, and Latin American studies. I have also worked as a Spanish teacher for more than twenty years in the Hungarian, French and American IB education systems.

From 2016, I am part of the Docent programme of the Hungarian National Gallery.

As an Anthropologist by profession and at heart, I appreciate cultural differences and similarities. IWC gives a perfect platform to meet and get to know people from different cultures, countries, backgrounds, mentality which all in all enrich our IWC community.

Charity chair
Erzsébet Cseh

My nationality is Hungarian and I have been a member of IWC since 2000 where I have filled several Board positions.


My hobbies are tennis, excursions, theater, reading, cultural tours.


Éva Bodnár


My name is Dr. Eva Bodnar. I am Hungarian-Canadian. I edit our super amazing Ribbon magazine. I enjoy reading, writing, translating, travelling, teaching, learning languages and fine dining. My superpower is to encourage everyone to become their best selves.

Éva Gem
Email: ;                                                                                                     

My name is Eva Gem . I am Hungarian. I have been member of IWC since 1990. After coming back from Singapore with my family we set up business

in Hungary. I missed the International community and the cosmopolitan lifestyle and that was a motivation to join IWC. I filled different positions in IWC Board.

I was happy to introduce the Hungarian culture to our members  as  Vice Chair. It also close to my personality to support the Charity projects of IWC. I love art, sport and organizing events.

Beatrix Kocsis

Kori van der Heide

It was a real pleasure to accept the activity chair for the coming year. Though I have been born and raised in this beautiful city of Budapest, it frequently amazes me still with its rich history, architectural and natural beauty and the plentiful choices it is offering for culinary, cultural or creative programs. I hope our international members will be feeling the same about Budapest, and once they leave, they will leave with great memories! 

I am of Hungarian and German heritage and I am married to a Dutchman. Due to my husband’s work in dredging our family of five has spent the last 20 years travelling the world. Though we thoroughly enjoyed living in many different countries in Europe, Asia and Australia, we are pleased to be back in Hungary, where we are planning to stay. 

IWC is a great place to meet international people, get social, and for us non-native English speakers, to practice language skills. If you have any suggestion regarding activity events, please just come and tell me at our next meeting!

PR Business CHAIR
Carmen Gaetani

International Coordinator CHAIR
Giovanna Mandato-Leahy

Born in Italy and educated in the USA, I obtained my Masters in Business Administration and Marketing in 1982.  Since those days, my husband and I have traveled all over the world and lived in many countries in the last 25 years of my professional career with Fortune 500 Companies.  Having the experience of being both now retired Executive and Expat Wife, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the IWC’s all over the world and certainly understand women in this position.  My family is passionate about Art, Travel, Reading, Animals, Animal Rescue, Protecting Women and Children…those that have no voice and no choice.  

Over the last 10 years I have especially loved being part of the IWC Budapest which provides a vibrant outlet to meet wonderful International ladies, has amazing social activities and well deserving targeted charity outreach.  Budapest is a small big city which provides a backdrop to all the IWC does and IWC takes full advantage of it. As the International Coordinator Chair my goal is to also provide our members with outreach and connections inside and outside of Budapest and Hungary.  We connect to over 80 IWC sister clubs all over the world and the goal is to see what we can do together.   

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