Charity and Fundraising Report for the IWC club year 2017-18

by Erzsébet Cseh Charity chair and Éva Gém Fundraising chair

Charity Action Team (CAT): Anikó Csányi, Éva Gém, Ioana Daraban, Zsuzsa Bocsárdy, Marie Pataky-Kovalevitch, Magda Nagy, Éva Bodnár, Éva Watts, Clara Ludwig, Lívia Havasi, Erzsébet Cseh.



Have a Heart:

Thanks to the Have a Heart donations of IWC members (172.500 HUF) we invited 42 persons: children and teachers of the Vác Children Home and Down Home to the Fővárosi Nagycirkusz. The children of Vác Children Home and the young adults of the Down Home went to a circus the very first time in their lives. From the remained HaH funds during May-June we are going to invite children of the Homes to the Budapest Zoo and to a movie. It means with the HaH project we could make happy 62 persons.

We could operate our charity projects with following further funds: Remained charity incomes from the previous club year (98.550 HUF), incomes of the Silent Auction Holiday Bazaar (94.000 HUF), incomes of the Secret Santa Coffee (105.000 HUF), members donation (10.000 HUF) and from funds raised by earlier IWC events.

Voted projects:

IWC members voted on the October General Meeting for charity projects which were fulfilled out of funds see above as follows:

Hospice House Majosháza – 200.000 HUF

English classes for Szilvia Agárdi – 150.000 HUF

Developer classes for autistic children – 200.000 HUF


In the December Board Meeting a further project has been voted for:

Food for family with 8 children in desperate need – 100.000 HUF


Clothes and Toys Drives:

IWC Members again donated second hand clothes and gently used toys towards following organizations:

Jó Pásztor Mothers Home

Alföldi utca Children’s Home

Mezőtúr, Mezőhék, Kétpó Family Shelters


Children to the Balaton:

In the summer we are going to invite children with unfortunate background to sail on the Balaton with sailing expert IWC member Lívia Havasi.



Shoes for children:

Another charity project is foreseen for children living in Mother Homes and Children’s Homes: In the near future IWC is going to donate lovely new shoes - coming from a kind donation - towards children in need living in Children’s Homes.


Dear IWC Members, thank you for taking part in the charity projects, your support made a difference!









Update about Lucky and Sunny:

In the current 2016/2017 club year IWC is continuing supporting the blind guide dogs Lucky and Sunny. With the donations of committed IWC members in co-operation with the enthusiastic Ráskay Lea ladies group led by IWC member Susana Kertész we are providing food and veterinarian care for Lucky and Sunny. This means a tremendous help for Tamás and Attila who are very thankful for the support.

Thank you Ladies for your donations!


Ladies, the blind guide dogs Lucky and Sunny whose training was financed by IWC are happily serving Tamás and Attila. They help day by day to overcome difficulties in traffic, to be able to live on the lucky and sunny side of life.

Thank you again and again for IWC members’ support!

Let’s visit Tamás and Attila in the club year 2017-2018!

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